Private Viewing Party

NEW From Cinema 8! Private Viewing Party – Bring Your Own Content or Watch Any Movie Currently Playing!

Ever wanted an auditorium all to yourself? Now’s your chance to watch your favorite movies and TV shows or any movie we are currently showing with 20 guests at your own Private Viewing Party at Cinema 8! Renting an auditorium is a fun, safe way to get together with family and friends with plenty of room for safe Social Distancing. Concession Stands will be open and available during your showing- inquire about concession specials for your group!

Only $100.00*

*Additional guests may be allowed at $5.00 per guest based on auditorium capacities and local health restrictions. No outside food or drink is allowed.

Private Viewing Party

Private Viewing Party FAQs

Q: What is a Private Viewing Party?

A: A Private Viewing Party allows you to enjoy your favorite movie in a full-size movie theatre auditorium! Bring your own DVD or Blu-Ray from home or watch any one of the movies currently playing and host a private screening for up to 20 guests.

Q: How much does a Viewing Party cost?

A: A Private Viewing Party costs $100 for 20 guests. Additional guests may be added at $5.00 per guest based on auditorium capacities and local health restrictions.

Q: Can I bring any movie or TV Show?

A: Cinema 8 recommends a Blu-Ray for maximum viewing quality on our large screens, but DVDs are also permitted. You can bring any Blu-Ray or DVD of a movie or TV series that is officially distributed by a studio. No copied content is permitted. Official rentals (Blu-Ray/DVD rented from Netflix, Redbox, etc.) are allowed. Normal content ratings apply, your movie or TV series may only have a maximum R-rating.

Q: How long will my theatre be reserved?

A: Your private auditorium can be reserved for up to 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Q: What should I do before arriving at the theatre?

A: Make sure your movie or TV show Blu-Ray or DVD is in good condition and meets our rating guidelines. If you’re watching a TV series, decide what season and episode you want to start with.

Q: What should I do when I arrive at the theatre?

A: Upon arriving at the theatre, you should:

  • Plan to have your whole party arrive at least 15 minutes early to enjoy your whole 2-hour and 30-minute auditorium rental.
  • Clean your Blu-Ray or DVD and ensure that it is in good condition before giving it to a manager. After your showing, a Cinema 8 manager will promptly return your content to you.