Party Room

Host your party at Cinema 8 with our Party Room!

Party Room Details:

  • Party host can choose from the a la carte menu OR choose a package.
  • The party room is available for 90 minutes before or after the movie.
  • Reservations and a $25 non-refundable deposit are required.
  • The Party Room can accommodate groups of up to 20 guests.
  • The entire concession menu is available.
  • Cake and ice cream can be brought in.
  • Cinema 8 supplies:
    • Forks, spoons, knives, and napkins
    • Basic party decorations including:
      • Tablecloths, assorted banners, and table decorations.
    • Pitchers of pop.
  • Hosts can bring their own decorations if desired, excluding confetti and candles.
  • In order to utilize the Cinema 8 party room, guests must be attending a movie.

To check for availability, please fill out the form below or call 605.692.6821.

Party Room

Ticket Prices

Party Room admission is $6.75 per person. An additional $2.50 surcharge applies for 3D films.

A La Carte Pricing

All three combos include kid packs.

Combo #1

Kid Pack & Gummy Snack $6.00

Combo #2

Kid Pack & Small Candy (Trolli Brand) $9.25


Party Room Packages

Requires the $25 Rental Fee.

Each guest will be charged $12.00. Includes admission and Combo #1
Each guest will be charged $15.25. Includes admission and Combo #2
$2.50 surcharge (per guest) for all 3D films.
Pepperoni or Cheese Pizza
12-Inch Pizza — $9.00
Second Pizza —- $8.00

*Prices subject to change.

Example Setups